Holland America Line Cruises

Tipi : Subsidiary
İşletmeci : Carnival Corporation & plc
Kuruluş Yılı : 1873
Merkez: Seattle, Washington, US

Celestyal Cruises (formerly Louis CruisesLouis Cruise Lines) is a Cyprus-based cruise linethe only cruise company based in Greece. It is a subsidiary of the traveltourism group Louis plc, that was founded in 1935 as the first travel agency in Cyprus. There are four ships under Celestyal`s operation. Celestyal runs an Eastern Mediterranean program traveling to GreekTurkish ports as well as a Cuba program. 2017 was Celestyal’s fifth year in Cuba. The company has historically chHolland America Line is a British/American-owned cruise line, a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc. Originating in the Netherlands, the company moved its headquarters to Seattle, Washington, United States.

From 1873 to 1989, it was a Dutch shipping line, a passenger line, a cargo linea cruise line operating primarily between the NetherlandsNorth America. As part of the company`s legacy, it was directly involved in the transport of many hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Netherlands to North America.artered several ships to Marella Cruises, previously Thomson Cruises.